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                          培訓、培訓小灶、單獨培訓、個別輔導 世界500強首頁

                          Herbert Zhang  Zhi Yong


                          Herbert ZHANG ZhiYong

                          Training and Human Resources Management Consultant

                          Herbert has a BA from Shanghai Maritime University and an MBA from City University.

                          Herbert was Training and Development Manager for Cadbury before he started his training career.

                          Herbert served as a regional HR Manager for Carrefour for 3 years when the company was experiencing rapid expansion and dramatic change in China.

                          Herbert was the Quality System Management Representative and was responsible for training in the North China region of the UK based Ocean Group.

                          Herbert was a sales manager in Matsushita.

                          Herbert started his career in SOE's. He stayed more then 10 years in the sector of import and export. During this period, Herbert had extensive business contact with major MNC's of the world, such as Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi, Fiat, etc.

                          Contact :


                          優秀員工的關鍵素質培訓 3M的培訓