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                          Translation - 商務英語翻譯

                           Translation English/Chinese, Chinese/English

                              1. Labor Contract

                                 Service:  a) Labor Contract Translation

                                              b) Labor Contract Law Consulting

                                              c) Employee communication for labor contract and labor contract law

                                Translation fee:  10 hours

                              2. Employee handbook

                                  Service: a) Employee Handbook Translation

                                               b) Employee Handbook related ER Consulting

                                              c) Employee communication for employee handbook

                                  Charge: 20 hours

                              3. Human resources policies and documents

                          Herbert has held senior managerial positions for such MNC's as Panasonic, Cadbury and Carrefour.

                          Especially when working as a regional HR manager in Carrefour, Herbert has accumulated much experience in the field of employee relationship from a workforce of more than 16,000 persons composed of expatriate as well as dispatch employees.

                          Labor contract and Employee Handbook to be translated by Herbert will be professional and free from legal and ER concerns.

                          So, when there is a need, there is Herbert.